Hacienda Gardens Las Vegas


Choice of one Entrée:

Chicken Breast with a Chipotle Sauce
Chicken Breast in a creamy white sauce with a touch of  Jalapeño  
Chicken Fajitas
Chicken Breast with a Marsala Sauce
Chicken Cacciatore
Chicken Breast with a Mushroom Sauce

Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken Cordon bleu

Fried Chicken

Bisteak Ranchero

Tri Tip with a Mushroom in a Red Wine Sauce
Beef Fajitas


Baked Ham

Pork tenderloin with a Bourbon Chipotle Sauce
Chile Verde (Green chile pork)

Tilapia with a Garlic Sauce

Choice of Two:

Rice Primavera
Spanish Rice
Penne pasta in a Marinara Sauce
Fettuccini pasta in a Spinach Sauce
Spaghetti in Marinara Sauce
Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Red Potatoes
Steam Vegetables
Sautéed   Squash
Corn with Sweet Butter
Green Beans with Sliced Almonds
Refried Beans

                                                         Cucumber Salad with Dill and Yogurt                                                          
  Macaroni Salad

      Potato Salad         

Choice of One:

 Rolls and Butter
Tortillas chips and salsa


Garden Salad  or Cesar Salad